Rage Buffet is a food design team, making sure that our members enjoy awesome, entertaining and healthy food.

Rage Buffet

Our favourite for the summer season:


lemon sorbet/basil/passion fruit

apple sorbet/lime/lilac sirup and flowersr

lemon sorbet/champagne/lime/pamelo

vanilla ice cream/hot berries/amaretto

strawberry sorbet/plum sauce/plum liqueur/blue sugar


Office Germany

Kollwitzstraße 17, 10405 Berlin

Chief Executive: David Baumer

Creative Director: Daniel Rabe

Mon - Fri  9am - 7pm

Head Office The Netherlands

22 Krom Boomssloot

1011 GW Amsterdam

Chief Executive: David Baumer

Creative Director: Tessa Mcavoy

Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm

Contact+Application: hello@ludvigrage.club

For phone calls, please ask for the phone number

of your reference person.


Should you wish to join our team

Please send an email addressed to Lara Kron.

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