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books of the new 20's

Ludvig Rage Club offers it's members unique new books made by international publishers and designers. It's labels have all one thing in common: they are specialists in what they do, confident in what they produce, and strong in who they are.


They are proud+loud.

"Books are not just a passion. Books offer you a world you would never have been able to discover. Ludvig Rage's books are simply fantastic!" 

Ralf Zinner, Club Member based in Berlin


are invited to all our private events

in cities like

berlin  london  geneva  ibiza  nizza  paris 

amsterdam  barcelona  milan  sanremo  

sydney tokyo miami

receive  discounts of up to 50%

+individual offers  

are part of an exciting, creative and international network

have access to lifestyle labels by ludvig rage 

share their values and visions

are proud+loud


show your art work here!


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Offices: Germany

Kollwitzstraße 17, 10405 Berlin

Chief Executive: David Baumer

Creative Director: Daniel Rabe

Mon - Fri  9am - 7pm

Head Office: Netherlands

22 Krom Boomssloot

1011 GW Amsterdam

Chief Executive: David Baumer

Creative Director: Tessa Mcavoy

Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm

Contact+Application: hello@ludvigrage.club

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Please send an email addressed to Lara Kron.

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