Facts about Pimpax

Poster art in cooperation with international artists and designers

Each edition is limited

It's printed in different formats

It's printed on matt or

glossy high-quality paper

It is sold exclusively at Ludvig Rage Club

Future Flowers (gemalt+gezeichnet)

If Elivs would have drank tea with Falco (Illustration)

Jungle Poems (Text)

Im Nebel (Photos)

Cold Art (Winter Land Art)

My Fantasy (Surralistische Bilder)

Black White (Photos von weißen und schwarzen bemalt)

Crazy Ceramics

What my Grandmother ate

Lazy Lipps (Photography)

Ich bin ein Wiener

Cat Eye

Story of Warhol (Comic)

I'm a Dancer (Photography)

White Birds

Black Flamingo

2091 (Future Short Stories)

Poolfood (Photography Beach/Pool, Human, Food)

Red Leafes (Drawing)

Influencer's Breakfast (Text+Photo)

No Mask (Influncers without Makeup)

World Cards (Illustration)

All I love is Yellow (Photography)

If I would see a Shark (Text and Drawing/Comic)

Insect's Home (Drawing)

No Love Story (Text)

Cubes (Photos of Shapes Worldwide)

The Beauty of Albino (Photo, Drawing, Painting)

Die Stimmen aus der Luft (Text, Drawing, Photography)

Old Objects (Photography)

Galleries/Gay Galleries (Photo)

Goldmexiqo (Photos, Drawins, Text)

1929+1991 (Photos, Text, Drawing, Painting)

Different Generation (Text+Photos)

Schönster Moment

Schlimmster Moment

60's Interview (Text+Photos)

Indianer Heute

The US Comic

Creative INflucencer

Stories of the 80s

90s Today

Als ich reiste, um zu überlgeben

Als ich Rosen geschenkt bekam

New Sculptures


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