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Make the room shine!
Goldmexiqo is an interior design label based in Berlin, Vienna, Venice and Sanremo. A team of young international designers are currently working on the first Goldmexiqo Collection, which is going to be exhibited online and at showrooms in Berlin and Vienna in Summer 2019. For Ludvig Rage Club they will produce a special edition of furniture for the club office and event locations. 
Goldmexiqo is going to be wellknown for mainly wood collections of upcycled unique items in shinny yellow-gold metallic colors. Addtionally the label will create special editions in stone and dark colors, so-called "yellow2" as well as neon and artistic styles. The clients of Goldmexiqo will have the opportunity to pimp up their home or office with just one piece of a Goldmexiqo collection. That is what the label promises. Goldmexiqo makes every room shine!  
Direct contact:
email: / instagram: goldmexiqo
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