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The Social Style
become part of our vast creative network
connect your instagram account with
a unique fashion label
hundreds of other instagram accounts
international fashion events 
    spread the word: #YOU+

Spread the message. Are you on Instagram? Do you like vogue and fashion? Then apply today and register to become part of our fashion line and its promotion - your name and many others on it! The style created by hundrets of selected instagramers.

Let people wear the social style!

Register once,
be promoted for
3 month 

Social creativity. Our fashion designers create t-shirts in different styles and colors. We will print the names of selected instagramers on the YOU+ designer t-shirts. One t-shirt filled with the vibe of hundreds of cool instagramers!

The fee you pay = a gift. 

Join us, recommend two others who could join YOU+, and receive a 15 Euro coupon for your next YOU+ buy.

All instagramers joining the project will spread the message of the unique designer t-shirts via their account. We become social with you+!

Out there!  When the YOU+ t-shirts are ready, we will offer it for sale on our website. In addition our partner labels, creative cooperations and more than 20 international models will promote it on their instagram account and at events in Berlin, Vienna, London and Amsterdam. You and your friends are invited as VIPs and receive 30% discount on your first YOU+ t-shirt. The YOU+ collection will also be promoted via posters, magazines and postcards.

Register to become part of YOU+ today!

registration fee: 

15 EUR per person

Receive promotion regarding  your instagram account via our website for 3 month, via our products and furthermore on at least 500 other instagram accounts

Recommend 2 friends to YOU+ and receive a

15 Euro coupon for your next YOU+ buy!

registration fee = coupon

YOU+ is a brand by Ludvig Rage Club. It is an exclusive network of selected Instagramers worldwide.

All our products are made by our fashion designers in Germany and are all vegan.

Questions? Please send an email to - subject: YOU+

We will get in touch with you within 48 hours.

YOU+ The Social Style - One of million. Not anymore.

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