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What is the LUDWEEK?

LUDWEEK promotes book labels for one week per year - every time in a new city.


Ludweek is an international, alternative book and culture event which celebrates unique, international designers, publishers and creative minds alike.


Amongst engaging interviews and stories of Ludvig Rage Club, Ludweek weaves together emerging and established labels in order to create a communal vision of a contemporary lifestyle.


We offer publishers and editors the chance to broadcast their work alongside other creatives in one of our advertising spaces.


Ludweek will be adorning selected projects, to be promoted throughout Vienna, Amsterdam, London, Milan and Paris every year.


Showcase your project and exhibit your work, to book lovers and visitors of one of the greatest, as one of our specially selected and bespoke publishers of Ludweek.


Applications can be sent to hello@luvigrage.club with ‘LUDWEEK Application’ in the subject line.


Celebrate all of the hand selected labels who have joined us, by creating our very own marketplace. This is a great opportunity for those selected to come and meet club members, curators, editors, publishers, photographers and potential clients, and promote their unique products; show off your vision!

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published at the Ludweek Event

2020+2021 - Register now



Book Stores from Berlin, Vienna, Geneva, Stockholm, London and Amsterdam


Frankfurter Buchmesse


Office Germany

Kollwitzstraße 17, 10405 Berlin

Chief Executive: David Baumer

Creative Director: Daniel Rabe

Mon - Fri  9am - 7pm

Head Office The Netherlands

22 Krom Boomssloot

1011 GW Amsterdam

Chief Executive: David Baumer

Creative Director: Tessa Mcavoy

Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm

Contact+Application: hello@ludvigrage.club

For phone calls, please ask for the phone number

of your reference person.


Should you wish to join our team

Please send an email addressed to Lara Kron.

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